Field Guide

Plants and wildflowers add to the beauty of our foothills and improve the air and water quality, enrich and maintain the soil, sustain wildlife and provide humans with food and medicine.

We hope this field guide enhances your enjoyment of our local wildflowers, grasses, shrubs, and trees. Learning their names brings a sense of familiarity that will develop as you continue to visit the Wenatchee Foothills and watch the progression of plants through the seasons. We hope that your growing appreciation of these plants will encourage you to preserve them for future generations. 

Resist the impulse to pick these beautiful wildflowers! Picking a wildflower prevents the next hiker from enjoying the same beauty. It also reduces the plant’s chance for survival, impacting the insects and animals that rely on it for food and shelter. Why not leave them for everyone to enjoy?

For an expanded list of common plants of the Wenatchee Foothills, click here.

Interested in growing native plants in your garden? Visit one of our local nurseries for plants or seeds.


Arrow-leaf Balsamroot Yellow Wildflower Balsamorhiza sagittata May
Ballhead waterleaf Purple Wildflower Hydrophyllum capitatum April
Barestem biscuitroot Yellow Wildflower Lomatium nudicaule April
Bastard toadflax White Wildflower Comandra umbellata May
Bearded hawksbeard Yellow Wildflower Crepis barbigera May
Big sagebrush Shrub Artemisia tridentata July
Bitterbrush Shrub Purshia tridentata June
Bluebells Blue Wildflower Mertensia longiflora March
Bluebunch wheatgrass Grass Pseudoroegneria spicata
Bugloss fiddleneck Yellow Wildflower Amsinckia lycopsoides April
Bulbous Bluegrass Grass Poa bulbosa
Bulbous prairie-star White Wildflower Lithophragma glabrum March
Cat's ears White Wildflower Calochortus lyallii May
Cereal wild rye Grass Secale cereale
Cheatgrass Grass Bromus tectorum
Columbia goldenweed Yellow Wildflower Pyrrocoma carthamoides July
Columbian puccoon Yellow Wildflower Lithospermum ruderale April
Crested wheatgrass Grass Agropyron cristatum
Dalmation toadflax Yellow Wildflower Linaria dalmatica June
Diffuse knapweed White Wildflower Centaurea diffusa June
Douglas-Fir Tree Pseudotsuga menziesii
Douglas’ brodiaea Blue Wildflower Triteleia grandiflora April
Dusty maidens White Wildflower Chaenactis douglasii May
Field bindweed White Wildflower Convolvulus arvensis April
Geyer's biscuitroot White Wildflower Lomatium geyeri February
Gray rabbitbrush Shrub Ericameria nauseosa August
Great Basin Wild Rye Grass Great Basin Wild Rye
Idaho fescue Grass Festuca idahoensis
Large-flowered collomia Peach Wildflower Collomia grandiflora June
Linear-leaf Daisy Yellow Wildflower Erigeron linearis May
Long-leaf phlox Purple Wildflower Phlox longifolia April
Meadow death camas White Wildflower Zigadenus venenosus April
Needle and thread Grass Hesperostipa comata
Parsnip-flower buckwheat Yellow Wildflower Eriogonum heracleoides May
Ponderosa Pine Tree Pinus ponderosa
Russian knapweed Pink Wildflower Acroptilon repens June
Russian thistle Green Wildflower Salsola tragus July
Sagebrush buttercup Yellow Wildflower Ranunculus glaberrimus February
Sagebrush mariposa lily White Wildflower Calochortus macrocarpus June
Sagebrush stickseed White Wildflower Hackelia diffusa var. arida May
Salsify Yellow Wildflower Tragopogon dubius May
Sandberg bluegrass Grass Poa secunda
Shooting Star Pink Wildflower Dodecatheon pulchellum March
Silky lupine Purple Wildflower Lupinus sericeus May
Snow buckwheat White Wildflower Eriogonum niveum July
Squirreltail Grass Elymus elymoides
Stiff sagebrush Artemisia rigida July
Sulphur lupine Purple Wildflower Lupinus sulphureus April
Tall buckwheat White Wildflower Eriogonum elatum July
Tall tumblemustard Yellow Wildflower Sisymbrium altissimum April
Thompson's Indian paintbrush Yellow Wildflower Castilleja thompsonii April
Thread-leaf fleabane daisy White Wildflower Erigeron filifolius April
Three-tip sagebrush Shrub Artemisia tripartita July
Upland larkspur Blue Wildflower Delphinium nuttallianum April
Wavyleaf microseris Yellow Wildflower Nothocalais troximoides April
Wax currant Shrub Ribes cereum March
Western groundsel Yellow Wildflower Senecio integerrimus May
Western Serviceberry White Shrub Amelanchier Alnifolia May
White-leaf phacelia White Wildflower Phacelia hastata May
Whitetop White Wildflower Cardaria draba May
Woolly-pod locoweed Pink Wildflower Astragalus purshii February
Yarrow White Wildflower Achillea millefolium May
Yellow bells Yellow Wildflower Fritillaria pudica March