Cashmere Canyons Preserve

Quick Facts
Year Protected
Property Name
Cashmere Canyons Preserve
Private - Conservation Easement
Public Access
not at this time
Conservation Values
Climate resiliency, wildlife habitat, recreation

Cashmere Canyons Preserve is a stunning landscape of expansive views, carpets of wildflowers, and sweeping views from the Columbia River to the high Cascades. Working with the Land Trust, property owners Jabe Blumenthal, Julie Edsforth, and Don Poirier have placed a conservation easement, held by the Land Trust, on their Hay Canyon Ranch property – permanently protecting these lands from any future development. The property also has some unique qualities that make it particularly resilient to the effects of climate change. Its large size, diversity of habitat - from shrub-steppe to forest - and the connectivity to public lands will allow plants and wildlife the room to move and re-establish as our climate changes. 

And, in a rare and generous move, the landowners will open their property to the public for hiking when a suitable trailhead is built. Recently purchased adjoining land in Nahahum Canyon will provide for the location of the trailhead and public access to the property. The Land Trust needs to raise the money necessary to design and build an appropriate trailhead with ample parking and amenities before the public can access the property, and we hope to do that in the next 1-2 years.

Once completed, the preserve will add over 10 miles of trails that wind through this spectacular landscape. The trail system will be managed by the Land Trust. The property has sweeping views from the Columbia River to the high Cascades.

Property will be open to hiking/foot traffic when a permanent trailhead is built, expected in the next year or two.