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Clyde Laughlin shared this anecdote with the Land Trust during the Saddle Rock campaign.

Class of ‘52, Saddle Rock

In spring 1952, two males had a bright idea to leave the mark of our class and Saddle Rock seemed the obvious place. We spent a couple of weekends surveying the rock and settled on an area about 30 feet below the saddle, a near vertical cliff. It was quite smooth and we decided that would be our canvas. In those days there were surplus stores in Wenatchee selling anything imaginable, including paint and parachute harnesses.

In fall 2010 Tall Timber Ranch finalized a conservation easement to preserve critical habitat on 40 acres along White and Napeequa rivers.

Last October on her 89th birthday I took my mother, Jimmy Baird, to the Horse Lake trail head and she walked up to the viewpoint recently finished by the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust.  She totally enjoyed the visit and the view.  Smilingly, she told me that this was not her first visit of the area.  Jimmy and the original Mountain Dears hiking group of Wenatchee area ladies have been making this hike, from the Horse Lake Road end to the top of Twin Peaks, pretty regularly as one of their early spring hikes since 1970.