Dry Gulch Preserve Trails

Trail Condition

Main Trail is open. All other side-trails are closed from Dec. 1 through Mar. 31.

Dry Gulch LLC, an offshoot of Appleatchee Riders, partnered with the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust to develop a conservation easement on 685 acres comprised of shrub-steppe and native bunchgrass, reclaimed mining lands, winter wheat fields, and retired grazing pastures. The easement will permanently preserve and protect wildlife habitat and plant communities, restrict future development, and allow pedestrian and equestrian recreational use for the benefit of the public.

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The Dry Gulch trails are open to pedestrian and horse recreation. During the seasonal winter closure, all side trails are closed from Dec. 1 through Mar. 31.

The Dry Gulch Main Trail remains open year-round.