Mountain Home Ridge

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Mountain Home Ridge
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Wildlife Habitat, Open Space, Recreation
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Trust for Public Land & Icicle Fund

Locals in Leavenworth only have to look up to know the value of Land Trust’s Mountain Home property. The property’s forested hillsides, dramatic post-fire ecology, and open ridgelines provide amazing views from the valley, instead of the eight houses that were planned. But Mountain Home also provides important habitat for an impressive variety of animal and plant species, including a reintroduction site for the endangered Wenatchee Mountain checker-mallow. Elk and mule deer use the property as a migration corridor, and a healthy wetland provides shelter and food for migrating song birds.

The dramatic views of the Icicle River Valley from atop Mountain Home Ridge show the amazing geology and ecology of our region and remind us why this is such an important place to protect.

In October of 2018, the land trust thinned 30 acres of forest to improve its health and resilience to drought, bark beetle attack, and the inevitable wildfire. This project is part of the Land Trust’s efforts to improve forest health and sustainability. Read more about our effort to manage for forest health here in the Fall 2018 edition of our newsletter.

For a list of common plants at Mountain Home, click here.

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The network of old roads and trails on the Mountain Home Ridge property makes it a great spot to hike, bike, or ride a horse. The wildflowers and song birds are incredible and the views views looking up the Icicle and down on the valley from the ridge are unbeatable.

Directions to the property: From Highway 2 near Safeway in Leavenworth, turn southwest onto East Leavenworth Road. In about 500 feet, take your first left onto Mountain Home Road. In 3.5 miles, you will see a sign indicating the end of the county road, and there will be a large pull out on the right side of the road – park in the pull out. The Mountain Home Ridge property is on the left side of the road. Enter the property by the old road that takes off to the east. The road is gated and property signs near the gate will let you know you are in the correct place.

View Point Route

Length: 1 mile (one-way)

Elevation Gain: 650 ft

A quick out and back all on old roads with great views towards Peshastin.  From the bottom, stay right at the first road junction (.33 miles in) and in 250 feet, take the left fork at the second road junction. Follow this road 0.66 miles to the view point.

Rat Creek Ridge Trail

Length: 1.7 miles (one way from the bottom)

Elevation Gain: 800 ft

This route offers amazing views of the city of Leavenworth.  From the bottom, stay right at the first road junction (.33 miles in) and in 250 feet, take the right fork at the second road junction.  In another 0.3 miles, there is a small pull out to the right of the road and a trail takes off west from there.  Follow this single track to the top of the ridge.  After 3/4th of a mile, take the trail on the left heading south.  In 0.1 miles, you will intersect the Canyon Crest Trail on your left. 

Canyon Crest Trail

Length: 1.5 miles (one way from the bottom)

Elevation Gain: 680 feet

This route passes a wetland that offers exceptional birding and plant diversity.  From the bottom, stay right at the first road junction (.33 miles in) and in 250 feet, take the right fork at the second road junction.  Stay on the road as it narrows into a single track trail. In 1.1 miles, you will intersect the Rat Creek Ridge Trail.

Mountain Home Trails