Biking Access

Biking Area

Burts Trail meanders from the former location (now just the foundation is left) of the Burts’ family homestead barn at Horse Lake Reserve and connects to the lower end of Glacier View Trail. It provides unique views to the north of Burch Mountain and the open spaces of the northern portion of the Reserve.

Locals in Leavenworth only have to look up to know the value of Land Trust’s Mountain Home property. The property’s forested hillsides, dramatic post-fire ecology, and open ridgelines provide amazing views from the valley, instead of the eight houses that were planned.

E. Lorene Young had cherished her 3.5 acre property since 1947. She shared the Wenatchee riverfront property in Leavenworth with the birds that frequented her feeders, as well as the deer, occasional black bear, and other wildlife seen regularly on this beautiful property.

Hikers, runners, and bikers in the Wenatchee Valley have long known that the foothills provide amazing recreation and scenery. But in 2001, development threatened access to this local resource.  The Chelan-Douglas Land Trust responded with the Save the Sage campaign, rallying local support to preserve this community asset.

Working together, we accomplished the 100-year community goal of acquiring and protecting Saddle Rock forever.

In 2000, the Jacobson family left a permanent legacy to the Wenatchee community when it donated 35 acres of prime shrub-steppe habitat in the Wenatchee Foothills to the Land Trust.  This gift guarantees permanent community access to enjoy the beauty of the foothills.

When you stand in the middle of Horse Lake Ranch, you stand in the middle of a conservation success story.

Foothills North Natural Area’s 382 acres of shrub-steppe habitat provides stunning views of the Columbia and Wenatchee Rivers, vital homes for wildlife, and an important trail connection.

The Fariview Canyon property connects Horse Lake Reserve with the adjoining National Forest, protecting the vital link that allows wildlife to move from the mountains to the valley. Mule deer use this migration corridor to access their winter range in the Wenatchee Foothills.

This is a great area where you can make your trip as short or as long as you like.

The main loop follows Mountain Home Road to the top of a saddle and has great views of Wedge Mountain and the Enchantments.

Please drive slowly and carefully, traveling to/from the trailhead.