Our Land, Our Water, Our Future

It’s beautiful here. But our lakes, rivers, meadows, and foothills are more than just scenery — they’re also a valuable resource, providing the area with quality water, recreation, and a vital connection to nature. The Chelan-Douglas Land Trust works with private landowners, businesses, and local communities to ensure that we will be able to enjoy the benefit of our cherished natural areas for years to come.


Learn about trails in our area, whether you hike, bike, run or ride a horse.

We have permanently protected over 21,000 acres of our region's most important natural areas, primarily in Chelan and Douglas counties.

How to Get Involved

Together, we can protect the natural areas that enrich our lives and ensure that future generations will have open space and clean, healthy rivers. Get involved!

greater sage grouse habitat working lands

A win for both working land and wildlife

A new agricultural conservation easement on a family ranch in Douglas Co. means the land can continue to be farmed and wildlife habitat will be protected forever. 

Balsamroot Trail

Foothills trails are popular - be a responsible trail user!

Enjoy springtime in the beautiful Wenatchee Foothills. PLEASE be respectful of neighbors near trails and follow all rules for parking.