Foothills North Natural Area

Quick Facts
Year Protected
2008 (Blue Sage); 2012 (Broadview Heights); 2015 (Foothills North)
Property Name
Foothills North Natural Area
Number of Properties
City of Wenatchee
Public Access
Conservation Values
Wildlife Habitat, Open Space, Public Access
Funding Partner
Washington Wildlife & Recreation Program, Icicle Fund, The Trust for Public Land, Wenatchee Foothills Capital Campaign

Foothills North Natural Area’s 382 acres of shrub-steppe habitat provides stunning views of the Columbia and Wenatchee Rivers, vital homes for wildlife, and an important trail connection.

Comprised of two CDLT-protected properties, Blue Sage, protected in 2008, and Broadview Heights, protected in 2012, Foothills North is now owned by the City of Wenatchee. These two properties combine like puzzle pieces with the Land Trust's Broadview Canyon and Horse Lake Reserve, as well as the Chelan PUD's Home Water Wildlife Preserve and public lands to complete a contiguous block of nearly 4,000 acres of habitat and recreation lands in the Wenatchee Foothills. Both Broadview Heights and Blue Sage were burned intensely in the 2015 Sleepy Hollow Fire, but the shrub-steppe habitat is showing good signs of recovery. 

After being awarded funding through the State Recreation and Conservation Office's Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program, the City of Wenatchee was able to acquire these two properties through a partnership with the Land Trust and protect them as a City Natural Area for their wildlife habitat and public access opportunities. Situated just beyond the urban growth boundary, the property, like much of the Wenatchee Foothills, was vulnerable to poorly planned development. Now, it is open for the enjoyment of all, showcased by the Balsamroot Trail that traverses the lower portion of the property and connects to the existing Sage Hills trail system to the south.

For a list of common plants found on the Foothills North Natural Area, click here.

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Balsamroot Trail

Length: 2 miles from trailhead to the connection with the Sage Hills Trail above the Maiden Lane trailhead

Elevation Gain: 500 ft

Follow this gradual trail on steep slopes from the parking area at the end of the pavement on Horse Lake Road to its connection with the Sage Hills Trail above Maiden Lane. Volunteers planted over 1,800 sagebrush and bitterbrush seedlings here after the 2015 Sleepy Hollow Fire. 

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