Broadview Canyon

Quick Facts
Year Protected
Property Name
Broadview Canyon
City of Wenatchee
Public Access
Conservation Values
Wildlife Habitat, Recreation Access, Open Space
Funding Partner
The Trust for Public Land and The Icicle Fund

Broadview Canyon's 52 undeveloped acres sit at the edge of the Wenatchee Foothills. The land, which will be added to Wenatchee’s permanently protected open space, is a key access point to pristine lands and outdoor recreation. This project is a key piece of the Land Trust's work to systematically preserve key lands along the foothills. The Broadview Canyon property demonstrates how thoughtful, strategic land acquisition, based on input from the community, can preserve large areas of adjacent land for everyone to enjoy.

Conservation like this would not be possible without landowners who see the value of their property as part of the fabric of the community. As Bart Clennon puts it: “Our family is pleased to be a part of ensuring that this part of the foothills will be in its natural state and available for hiking and outdoor enjoyment. We believe it is necessary to think twenty, fifty, one hundred years into the future when thinking of what we leave for future generations.”

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Maiden Lane Trail

Length: 0.6 miles

Elevation Gain: 345 ft

This short  trail starts from the end of Maiden Lane and connects to the main Sage Hills trail.

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