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Monday, September 28 (weather permitting) a contractor will be spraying herbicide on Russian knapweed at Horse Lake Reserve in the Glacier View trail area and near the access road north of the lower barn. They will be using ATVs for the application. No closures.

WENATCHEE — The Horse Lake Trail Runs are still on for Sept. 19, but they’re going virtual, says race director Joel Rhyner.

“We’re going to make a pivot,” Rhyner told The World prior to RunWenatchee putting out its race update Sunday night. “It’s not ideal, but it’s about all we can do. We’re planning to have a two-week window where people can run the trail, track their distance and then record their time. And then we’ll send each runner their finisher medal.”

The event starts on Sept. 19 and runs through Sept. 30.

TREAD, with support from many partners including CDLT, has launched the TREAD Map app. TREAD Map is a comprehensive trail app designed for all trail users and provides the most up-to-date and accurate information on all forms of recreational trail use. The tool is designed to help users:

•    Plan outings
•    Share local experiences
•    Access and provide real-time trail conditions
•    Connect with other trail enthusiasts
•    Engage in two-way communication with land managers

This historic vote means great news for conservation. On July 22nd, after almost 50 years of advocacy by the conservation community, full and dedicated funding is secured for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). The U.S. House of Representatives passed the Great American Outdoors Act which will permanently fund the LWCF using a small portion of revenues from offshore oil drilling to protect important land, water and recreation areas that benefit all Americans.

I’ve spent my life exploring this country’s wild spaces. Hiking alone, exploring nature’s wonders and listening to birds has brought me comfort and peace for decades. My primary concern in those moments has always been that our wild spaces will disappear and that future generations won’t have the opportunity to listen to the sweet songs of birds in the spring.

For generations, farmers and ranchers in Central Washington have understood that in order to continue their important job of feeding the world, we must work together to conserve one of our most precious assets: our land.

Earthworms are everywhere, and every child has up-close and personal interactions with them, but we don’t think about them a lot. When we really stop to think about earthworms, what do we really know?

Exploring for earthworms is a great way to get kids outside, interacting with the natural world this spring.

CDLT Trails Program Manager Hanne Beener gives an update about the Wenatchee Foothills trail system on this KOHO101 radio interview.

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A KOHO101 radio interview with Mayor Frank Kunz from Tues., March 31, 2020

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WENATCHEE — The Horse Lake Trail Runs scheduled for May 9 have been postponed until September 19 as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, RunWenatchee announced in a press release Tuesday.

“It’s happening with a lot of races,” race director Joel Rhyner said Tuesday. “Everything from the Boston and Eugene marathon to trail races in the Methow Valley and Yakima. Basically, every race in the March, April and May window is either flat-out canceling or postponing till later in the year to try and salvage at least some of the season.”

The Land Trust has been working with our partners over the last week or so and the Sage Hills Trails system will open early this year – tomorrow, March 25th – a week earlier than the standard April 1st opening date.

As busy as the holiday season can be, I always look forward to the quiet and hush of winter in nature. It’s a great time to get outside with your family and focus on something you might miss the rest of the year.

Our evergreen, coniferous trees give us a bit of green all year round. And with a little practice, kids can learn to tell the difference and find out what these trees have to teach us.

So what is an evergreen, and what’s a conifer?