Community Strategy

Over the years, Wenatchee has consistently grown from its core out into the canyons and into the foothills. Vacant, undeveloped land is now a rarity within the city limits, and the foothills are increasingly under pressure from new development. As that pressure mounted, so did the need to create a proactive conservation strategy for the foothills. From 2009 to 2010, the Land Trust worked with the Trust for Public Land (TPL), Chelan County, and the City of Wenatchee to engage over 200 citizens and 20 organizations to create the Wenatchee Foothills Community Strategy. The Foothills Plan balances new growth with priorities for recreation, wildlife, and other values that people hold dear.

Completed in July 2010, the plan is being incorporated into the comprehensive plans by the local governments with the support of the conservation community, realtors, developers, and the community as a whole. The support of diverse partners is the crucial difference in this initiative—and what gives it strength. Conserving land is an important part of the Foothills Plan; however, that is one part of our main goal: public recognition of the importance of open space and natural areas.

The Wenatchee Foothills Community Strategy includes a six year plan for implementation. The plan is already making a difference, with partners beginning implementation right away. In the fall of 2010 the Land Trust, TPL, and the City of Wenatchee began working with landowners and seeking funding for three land conservation projects identified in the first phase.

Download the Wenatchee Foothills Community Strategy (8 MB pdf file)