Wenatchee Foothills

Chelan-Douglas Land Trust and The Wenatchee Valley Humane Society partner to host Pets & People Outdoors — aims to build community by creating opportunities for people and their dogs to come together and experience the beauty of the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust’s protected trails.

Chelan Douglas Land Trust and Wenatchee Valley Humane Society launch new partnership

Chelan-Douglas Land Trust Improving Saddle Rock Traverse Trail

Chelan-Douglas Land Trust is excited to share the video Opportunity of a Lifetime: Community Conservation in Chelan County, which tells the story of current work to implement the Upper Wenatchee Watershed Community Lands Plan.

The Chelan-Douglas Land Trust Earns National Recognition

Join us on Saturday, April 20th at Horse Lake Trailhead for the 4th Annual Sage Fest Event- a volunteer trail event co-sponsored by Chelan-Douglas Land Trust (CDLT) and Central WA Evergreen Mountain Bike Association (EMBA).

🌍Connecting with nature aids our physical, mental, and emotional health. Join Columbia Valley Community Health and the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust on a Hike for your Health.

In 2023, the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust acquired the 398-acre Castle Rock Ridge property from landowners Frank Peryea and Betsy Beers. Frank and Betsy purchased the property in the early 2000s when the land was for sale and threatened with development.

WENATCHEE, WA – Mule deer herds need a quiet place to save energy during the lean winter months.

WENATCHEE - The Chelan-Douglas Land Trust (CDLT) recently announced the acquisition of a 398-acre property in the Wenatchee Foothills, which encompasses Castle Rock.

The property transfer came from Frank Peryea and Betsy Beers, who have been associated with the parcel for over two decades.