Wenatchee Foothills

We rushed to finish the work due to freezing temperatures - and we did it! Check back for more projects in the spring.

Join us for an afternoon of planting native grasses at Horse Lake Reserve. Volunteers can expect light/moderate work and walking 0.5 mile from the parking area to the planting location, elevation change of 100 feet (an optional planting location is 1-1.5 miles with an elevation change of 200-250 feet).

Event has been postponed due to smoke.  Please check back on Wednesday October 12.

Join us at Horse Lake Reserve for common invasive and native grass identification, followed by hand-pulling invasive weeds around our restoration grass seedlings. There's lots to learn, and our native basin wildrye, Idaho fescue and bluebunch wheatgrass need your help to survive!

What do scentless mayweed, yellow star thistle, and jointed goatgrass all have in common?  All are noxious weeds we don’t want to find in our Wenatchee Foothills!  Chelan-Douglas Land Trust (CDLT) has teamed up with Chelan County Weed Board to offer a noxious weed identification training for the community.

Are you looking for a hands-on way to positively impact our lands in just two hours? Do you like to get outside in the company of other like-minded folks? Consider signing up to join the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust for our Weed Warrior knapweed pulls this spring.

Want to improve the success of our native grass restoration? Want to fit in an upper body workout before your hike or bike ride? Stop by for as long as you want to help CDLT staff hoe weeds in the restoration area near the lower barn at Horse Lake Reserve. 

To preserve native plant habitat and be a good neighbor, contractors and CDLT staff are spraying weeds at Horse Lake Reserve and near Balsamroot Trail. All herbicides are applied with a blue dye. Click on the link below for the product label.

Weed spraying is subject to change due to weather and other variables.