Saddle Rock Trails Planning

2024 Saddle Rock Accessible Trail Conceptual Plan 

This accessible trail was a recommended future trail construction project identified in the 2023 Saddle Rock Trails Plan. View report here. You can view the area of the accessible trail project in the report on page 17 in the map titled "Saddle Rock Trail Planning Phase 1". The original accessible trail is represented in the south east corner of the Saddle Rock Natural Area parcel.

Our updated conceptual design for the accessible trail alignment is different from the alignment represented in the provided report; however, the report will be useful for providing some history and spatial context for this trail project.



2023 Saddle Rock Trails Planning

Over the past year, CDLT staff have been working with people who represent the diversity of our communities and important stakeholders to develop a Saddle Rock Access and Recreation Plan. We discussed all of your input to our community surveys in 2022, and looked at where we should invest in improvements to the trail system. Because there is a lot of work to do at Saddle Rock, we know we will need to complete these improvements in sustainable phases. 

The maps below (and attached) show the Current Trail Network and the final Saddle Rock Trail Plan.