Icicle Copper Notch Conservation Easement

Quick Facts
Year Protected
Property Name
Icicle Copper Notch Conservation Easement
Feet of River Frontage
Private-Conservation Easement
Public Access
Conservation Values
Salmon Habitat, Wildlife Habitat, Open Space
Funding Partner
Donated by Land Owner

The six families of the Copper Notch Owners Association (CNOA) jointly own this stunning 280 acre property that includes nearly a mile of shoreline along Icicle Creek and the forested hillside up to Mountain Home Road. The property had been voluntarily protected from development through a Planned Unit Development, which can be amended, and the owners wanted the more permanent protection that a conservation easement provides.  

CNOA donated a conservation easement on the 280 acres to the Land Trust in spring 2010, permanently protecting its high quality riparian vegetation and healthy, diverse forest in an area highly desirable for residential development. The property is adjacent to the Land Trust’s Mountain Home Ridge Property and borders public lands to the south and across Icicle Creek, providing a significant protected corridor for wildlife, and protection to the quality of the Icicle Creek watershed and the viewscape from the valley.



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