E. Lorene Young Leavenworth Audubon Center

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Lorene Young Leavenworth Audubon Center
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E. Lorene Young had cherished her 3.5 acre property since 1947. She shared the Wenatchee riverfront property in Leavenworth with the birds that frequented her feeders, as well as the deer, occasional black bear, and other wildlife seen regularly on this beautiful property. Her love for the birds and wildlife surrounding her home inspired her to share it with her community, forever.

The Chelan-Douglas Land Trust was honored to accept the bequest of the property as part of an environmental learning center when Lorene died at the age of 94. This extraordinary donation is an incredible gift to the citizens of Leavenworth and the region. The property is now home to the Leavenworth Audubon Center at Barn Beach Reserve, and provides a remarkable greenbelt between the city and the river that provides habitat for a wide variety of fish and wildlife, and migratory birds.


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The Leavenworth Audubon Center sits adjacent to Barn Beach Reserve (BBR) and Leavenworth’s Waterfront Park. The combination of these properties creates a unique opportunity for recreation in the heart of Leavenworth.

Start your visit by stopping by the E. Lorene Young Community Garden to see the bountiful harvest and award winning recycled art display. Next wander over to the Leavenworth Audubon Center that serves as home to the Watershed Art Collection and provides office and meeting space for the Wenatchee River Institute

Next door at BBR, visit the River Haus to see the Upper Valley Museum. BBR also offers the Frances Baker Field Memorial Garden, a Children’s Garden, and the Barn, a multi-purpose green classroom known to host some wonderful educational programs for children and adults alike. For a map of BBR & the Leavenworth Audubon Center, click here.

There are over 3 miles of flat, gentle trails that connect the Leavenworth Audubon Center with BBR and Waterfront Park. These trails are open year-round and are great for walking, biking, birding, viewing salmon, and cross-country skiing. For those interested in the area’s natural history, the trails also boast interpretative signs along the way. There are several beaches for swimming in Waterfront Park – a word of caution, swimming when the river has high flows may be dangerous as strong currents can exist. 

See this City of Leavenworth map for trails, beaches, and amenities. 

For more information about cross-country skiing in Leavenworth, visit Leavenworth Winter Sports Club's website.

Directions: From downtown Leavenworth, turn south on Division Street towards the river.  In two blocks, you will enter the BBR property.  Parking is on your right. The E. Lorene Audubon Center is 200 feet downstream of the parking area.