Jacobson Preserve

Many dates from late April to July. Controlling over 20 species of noxious weeds is one of our toughest stewardship duties. Timing of weed control treatments depends on stage of plant growth and favorable weather conditions so we keep a flexible schedule.

Join us at Jacobson Preserve to perform annual trail maintenance. This work will be light to moderate and involve hiking up to 3 miles and using hand tools such as loppers, hoes and McLeods along the way.

Come see how a little elbow grease can transform a piece of land from overgrown to beautifully wildfire-ready.

This event is full - please contact Hillary@cdlandtrust.org for more information or to sign up for the waitlist.

WENATCHEE — Preserving the environment for future generations.

Restoration planting, seeding and some trail maintenance at Jacobson Preserve.

This event is full - please contact hillary@cdlandtrust.org or call 509 667-9708 to be put on the waitlist. 

When you think of wildflowers and insect life, don’t think of spring, think of FALL!

WENATCHEE — While much of Wenatchee was still in bed or just getting their day going, Batman and Superwoman were roaming the Wenatchee foothills.

Join us for a hike "Up & Over" Saddle Rock on a full moon evening. We will hike up to the top of Saddle Rock and take a little snack break while enjoying the view - everything looks just a little bit softer when cast in the evening light! We'll then hike back down the Jacobson Trail to our awaiting vehicles.