Cereal wild rye

Common Name
Cereal wild rye
Scientific Name
Secale cereale
Scientific Pronunciation
se-KAY-lee ser-ee-AY-lee/ker-ee-AY-lee
Plant Family
Plant Origin
Plant Type
Additional Common Names
Cereal rye, cultivated rye

Form:               Long stems with flower heads that look like grain

Height:              Up to 3.5 feet

Seedhead:        Spikes 1.5 to 5 inches, often nodding when mature

Seeds:              Propagated by seed

Leaves:             Half-inch wide blades

Roots:              Grows rapidly, and produces an extensive, fibrous root system.

Ecology:           Good drought and heat tolerance. Has the ability to smother and suppress plants with allelopathic compounds, which are herbicide-like chemicals that permeate the surrounding area. Like most weeds, it can outcompete other plants and decrease diversity in the region.