Form:               Long stems with flower heads that look like grain

Height:              Up to 3.5 feet

Seedhead:        Spikes 1.5 to 5 inches, often nodding when mature

Seeds:              Propagated by seed

Form:               Single-stemmed grass

Height:              8 to 24 inches

Seedhead:        Dense, drooping form 1 ½ to 8 inches long; pale green to purplish

Salsify produces multiple stems one to three feet tall that when torn emit a milky sap. The leaves are long and very narrow. Each branch produces one flower head. The daisy-like yellow flowers open early in the morning and often close by late afternoon. The longer the days the more likely it is to flower.

Tall tumblemustard is a plant with many branches growing from a single stem and a stout taproot. It is initially a low-growing rosette of basal leaves, but later becomes tall and lanky in appearance, growing up to five feet in height. The round stems are light green and mostly smooth, except for widely scattered white hairs.

Russian thistle, also known as tumbleweed, is a dense intricately-branched plant forming a round bushy clump one to three feet tall. Stems and branches vary in color from green to red, often with darker stripes. It has many rigid and spine-tipped, narrow, fleshy leaves and bracts, which are soft when young but become dry and brittle with age.

The large-flowered collomia grows from a single branching stem up to three feet tall with narrow leaves one to three inches long. The unusual peach- or salmon-colored blossoms with blue stamens at the center are arranged in many-flowered heads.

Diffuse knapweed grows from long taproots into a bush up to two feet tall with a single upright stem sprouting many branches. The stems have fine, short hairs, giving the plant a gray appearance. The leaves are small, alternately arranged, and finely divided.

Bugloss fiddleneck is a weedy plant that thrives on disturbed soil. The small yellow tubular-shaped flowers occur along multiple stems up to two feet tall that coil distinctively like the neck of a fiddle. The plant is very hairy and looks like it is covered in fat green hairy caterpillars.

Form: Bright, light-green appearance, easily identified by its dark purple bulbils

Height: Up to 2 feet