Common Name
Scientific Name
Mertensia longiflora
Scientific Pronunciation
mer-TEN-see-uh lon-jee-FLO-ruh
Plant Family
Plant Origin
Plant Type
Typical Bloom (varies by elevation)
Additional Common Names
Small bluebells, long-flowered lungwort, trumpet bluebells

This is one of the earliest blooming wildflowers, along with biscuitroot, buttercup, and yellow bells. Bluebells grow most frequently beneath sagebrush canopies and in other sheltered sites and on north-facing slopes. It is common in areas of abundant spring moisture.

This small rather succulent plant produces one to several green to reddish leafy stems two to nine inches tall with densely packed nodding or drooping blue flowers. The flowers have a bell-like appearance and range from sky blue to darker blue and often fade to pink with age.