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While we can’t offer group outings right now, there are still ways to get outside to discover and explore our natural areas! 
Listed below are some ideas and resources for some great self-guided outings.

Earthworms are everywhere, and every child has up-close and personal interactions with them, but we don’t think about them a lot. When we really stop to think about earthworms, what do we really know?

Exploring for earthworms is a great way to get kids outside, interacting with the natural world this spring.

Join CDLT, North Central Regional Library & LINK for a special nature-themed storytime and activities!

LINK Bus will pick up patrons at 9:45 am Wenatchee Public Library (30 S. Wenatchee Ave.) A bilingual story will be shared during the bus ride to Saddle Rock.  

What do scentless mayweed, yellow star thistle, and jointed goatgrass all have in common?  All are noxious weeds we don’t want to find in our Wenatchee Valley! CDLT has teamed up with Chelan County Weed Board to offer a training workshop for the community. The workshop is free and open to the public

As busy as the holiday season can be, I always look forward to the quiet and hush of winter in nature. It’s a great time to get outside with your family and focus on something you might miss the rest of the year.

Chelan County Natural Resource Department has resurrected and revamped CDLT's Good Neighbor Handbook. Take a look at this fabulous resource!

A couple of months ago, in the column about exploring lakes and ponds, we talked about a lake’s watershed. Now, if you read that and your first thought was “is that a building that stores water?” — you’re not alone.

Every fall, I end up with a huge pile of oak leaves in my yard. Last October, my mom visited and we ended up piling up leaves in creative ways, creating ephemeral art that blew away with the next gust of wind.

The Wenatchee Valley Chapter of the Washington Native Plant Society

Presenter: Sylvia Peasley, Senior Archaeology Technician, Colville Tribe