WENATCHEE — In a few weeks, hikers of the Jacobsen Preserve will have a story to read.

The Chelan-Douglas Land Trust, with help from the North Central Regional Library, is installing pages from a children’s book to encourage kids to read and go outside.

Here in North Central Washington, we are surrounded by wildflowers in the spring. It truly is a magical time of year.

As we move into summer, the reptiles you are likely to see during the day are gopher snake (also called bull snake), racer, western fence lizard, sagebrush lizard, northern alligator lizard, and pygmy short-horned lizard.

When I was around 9, I spent countless hours after school watching two colonies of ants on my sidewalk. They marched in meandering lines along the sidewalk, collecting food and carrying it back to the entrance holes to their nests.

Curious Wenatchee area residents and visitors can use a newly published brochure to guide identification of locally common native plants and animals. The Wenatchee Area Field Guide is lightweight, waterproof, and costs $8.95.

Learn how to use binoculars, compass, magnifying glass, an insect catcher, identify plants and animals, and learn about cool hikes in our valley. NCRL and CDLT will provide fun nature activities at the trailhead. Check out a nature backpack and nature books from the bookmobile.  Afterwards, considering taking your own hike up the trail.

We have gotten so much snow in February that it’s hard to imagine any animals are up and moving about. But underneath all that snow, many animals have stayed cozy and warm despite the cold temperatures.

Come see how a little elbow grease can transform a piece of land from overgrown to beautifully wildfire-ready.

It can be challenging to figure out how to get outside with kids during the winter. Sometimes the ground is covered in a blanket of snow as deep as some toddlers are tall!