Common Name
Scientific Name
Elymus elymoides
Scientific Pronunciation
EL-ih-mus el-ih-MOY-deez
Plant Family
Plant Origin
Plant Type

Form:               Bunch grass; species of wild rye

Height:              6 to 18 inches

Seedhead:        Dense, bristly spike, 1 to 3 inches long; looks like a bottlebrush or squirrel tail

Seeds:              Reproduces from seeds. Seeds readily dispersed by wind

Stems:              Erect

Leaves:             Blades rolled or flat, rather narrow

Ecology:           Drought tolerant and adapted to a wide range of soils. Most abundant on disturbed sites in either deep or shallow soils. Very effective for wind and water erosion control due to its persistent ground cover. This species can coexist with cheatgrass.

Fire Tolerance:  One of the most fire-resistant native bunchgrasses.