Sage Hills

WENATCHEE, WA – Mule deer herds need a quiet place to save energy during the lean winter months.

Help auger planting holes! We have terrific new hand-augers that makes hole-digging easy on the body! Join CDLT staff, Tiffany and Susan, as we prepare holes for future planting of small native grasses.

Join CDLT staffers, Tiffany and Susan, to plant native sumac at the Sage Hills Gateway at the Switchbacks.  Tools, gloves, and snacks provided.

Enjoy the last day of summer, connecting with nature and your community, on a guided hike along the Sage Hills Trails.

Join CDLT staff to take care of nursery-grown native plants growing at the Kenzie's Landing Trailhead. Last November, Wenatchee High School Interact (Rotary) Club students  and CDLT volunteers planted shrubs, purchased with funds raised by the club.

Chelan-Douglas Land Trust invites you to plant over 300 native big

Join us at one of two locations for annual spring maintenance of the lower Sage Hills trail. This work will be light to moderate and involve hiking 2-3 miles and using hand tools such as hoes and McLeods along the way.

For a variety of reasons, the Wenatchee Foothills are attracting bigger-than-usual crowds this spring and that has led to illegal parking and other problems.

Spring typically brings a throng of people to the trails, looking for a chance to witness the annual rush of brightly colored lupin, arrowleaf balsamroot and other wildflowers.

Horse Lake Road may be closed intermittently this month as utility poles are replaced.