Idaho fescue

Common Name
Idaho fescue
Scientific Name
Festuca idahoensis
Scientific Pronunciation
fes-TOO-kuh eye-duh-ho-EN-sis
Plant Family
Plant Origin
Plant Type

Form:               Bunch grass; densely tufted; the flowering stalk resembles Sandberg bluegrass

Height:              7 to12 inches

Seeds:              Reproduces from seeds

Stems:              Erect, and densely tufted

Leaves:             Numerous leaves 5 to 10 inches long that grow mainly from the base. Finely textured leaves are blue to gray-green.

Roots:              Strong root system can extend 16 inches deep in a 4-inch diameter plant.

Ecology:           Grows in deeper, moist soils. Slow to establish, but once established, has abundant growth of fine leaves that provide effective ground cover. Narrow environmental tolerance compared to the other grasses. Tough, fine, fibrous roots control erosion and improve soil structure. Retards or prevents the invasion of weeds once firmly established.

Fire tolerance:   Highly susceptible to fire damage.