Horse Lake Reserve

Starting today, Nov. 17, there will be crews at Horse Lake Reserve near the lower barn/lower end of Burts Trail doing restoration work. Crews will be planting native seedlings on Wed, Nov 17 then later in the week and possibly into early next week, they will be applying herbicide. 

Join us for trail maintenance at Horse Lake Reserve. This work will likely be light to moderate and involve hiking 2-5 miles and using hand tools such as hoes and McLeods. Most volunteer work can be adapted to include everyone. Please inquire at the contact below about possible adaptations to the work. 


Please consider volunteering for our partner events (click on the links to read more):

Join us on Tuesday, September 28th from 9 am - 12 pm for brush removal at Horse Lake Reserve. This work will likely be light to moderate and involve hiking 2-5 miles, bending, crouching, and using hand tools such as loppers and hand saws along the way.

KPQ News Radio:

Horselake Road in Wenatchee, which leads to the popular Horse Lake Reserve trails, is now closed because of extreme hot and dry conditions and a concern over wildfires.

Join us at Horse Lake Reserve for trail maintenance from 2-6 pm on Thursday, May 6th! We will be brushing out several trails and clearing drainage dips on the Apricot Crisp trail. The work will be easy to moderate difficulty and involve hiking 2-3 miles and using hand tools such as loppers, folding saws, hoes, and McLeods along the way.

A variety of habitat types provide shelter for many bird species at CDLT’s Horse Lake Reserve.

Join us at Horse Lake for our 4th Sage Fest - hosted by CDLT and Central Washington Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance. Saturday April 23rd.

Run Wenatchee will be holding the Horse Lake Trail Runs this year (with COVID safety precautions in place) at CDLT's beautiful Horse Lake Reserve in the Wenatchee Foothills! The proceeds from the race go directly to the Land Trust for trail maintenance and development!

Horse Lake Road may be closed intermittently this month as utility poles are replaced.