Herbicide Application Information

To preserve native plant habitat and be a good neighbor, contractors and CDLT staff are spraying weeds at Horse Lake Reserve and near Balsamroot Trail. All herbicides are applied with a blue dye. Click on the link below for the product label.

Weed spraying is subject to change due to weather and other variables.


Overview: Contractors will use UTVs and backpack sprayers near the Balsamroot trail and at Horse Lake (near/on/around the Horse Lake Trailhead, Old Ranch Rd, Burts Trail, Glacier View Trail, Homestead Trail, and Connector Trail) on Friday, 9-23-22.

Areas include, but are not limited to:

Whitetop spot-spraying near the Balsamroot Trail, Horse Lake: trailhead, lower end of Burts Trail, and the Homestead Connector Trail.

Herbicide used is: Escort XP, re-entry time is 4 hours

Pre-emergent herbicide application on restoration areas at the lower end of Burts Trail and near the barn.

Herbicide used is: Esplanade/Indaziflam, re-entry time is 12 hours

Widespread Russian knapweed spot-spraying from trailhead all the way up to Glacier View Trail.

Herbicide used is: Milestone, re-entry time is 48 hours for Ag restrictions (listed as "until dry" for other uses)