November 2020

CDLT donates the Sam Hill property, a popular climbing and hiking area up the Icicle Canyon, to the U.S. Forest Service. Held by CDLT since 2005, this transfer to the USFS was made possible in part by a generous donation of the privately-held mineral rights to CDLT by the Bevis Family. This is part of the Forest Service effort to increase the amount of protected property on Icicle Road for recreation.

December 2019

The Land Trust enters into its first agricultural conservation easement with the Keane Family of Douglas County. The Keane Ranch is in the heart of the strongest remaining population of Greater sage-grouse in Washington State, which has lost over 90% of its historic range due to habitat loss and fragmentation. This agreement supports farming and protects habitat for the imperiled greater sage-grouse. This permanently protects the Keane Ranch from development and connects the ranch’s 6,724 acres with adjacent state, federal and private lands.

Summer 2019

An old barn at Lower Sleepy Hollow Preserve is dismantled and moved to private property where it will be repurposed. The barn relocation is part of the restoration and clean-up of the preserve.

October 2019

The Land Trust purchases 73 acres along Kahler Creek and Nason Creek for salmon habitat protection. The Kahler Creek Property protects 1.3 miles of river frontage and high-quality salmon habitat. 
The property also protects part of the popular Nason Ridge trail system and connects to the land protected by the Save Nason Ridge Campaign.

Summer 2019

Salmon habitat restoration and improvement projects begin on several CDLT properties in the Stillwaters section of the Entiat River. Working for many years with multiple partners, these projects are designed to create deep pools and places for young salmon to hide, allow the river to resume its ability to meander across the floodplain, and to restore native vegetation along the river.

June 2019

The Land Trust purchases 40 acres on the lower White River for conservation of salmon habitat. The White River Martinson Property was one of the very few unprotected properties in the lower 5 miles of the river and its protection is key to the future reconnection of a river oxbow, which would provide vital side-channel fish habitat.

December 2018

CDLT purchases 1,396 acres of high-quality shrub-steppe in Douglas County from conservationist Ferdi Businger. The Spiva Butte Nature Preserve is the first property in Douglas County owned by the Land Trust. The preserve is home to several sensitive species of plants, butterflies, wildlife, and birds. The preserve provides critical habitat for one of the last two viable sage-grouse populations remaining in Washington State.

October 2018

The Save Nason Ridge Campaign exceeds its goal, raising over $1 million from CDLT members and the Lake Wenatchee community in 5 months.

photo: John Marshall Photography

September 2018

The Land Trust purchases 40 acres of undeveloped floodplain on the lower Wenatchee River. This property was at risk of becoming a new flood-prone subdivision. The Lower Sleepy Hollow Preserve will provide vital side channels that juvenile salmon use for rearing and refuge. This functioning floodplain also recharges our aquifers and stores and absorbs water during high water. There will also be public access once some clean-up is done and a simple parking lot is built.

August 2018

Thanks to a generous donation from CDLT members Jim & Judy Jensen, the Land Trust acquires 16.5 acres of high-quality shrub-steppe habitat above Skyline Drive in Wenatchee. This land expands Jacobson Preserve and protects a connection to the northern flank of Saddle Rock Natural Area.