Firewise Reminder

Safety Tips

burned sign

As we all know, it doesn't take much to ignite a fire in these dry, hot conditions. Use extreme caution when recreating outdoors and follow these basic safety tips:

  • Do not park or drive over dry grass and shrubs. Vehicle exhaust is hot enough to start fires.
  • Make sure chains or any metal objects associated with your vehicle are not dragging on rocks or pavement. Sparks start shoulder fires even without leaving the pavement or gravel.
  • Refrain from using open flames - even in fire rings or BBQs. Wind can carry embers that ignite long after you leave.
  • Where there is smoke, there is fire. Call 9-1-1 immediately if you see smoke.


Check out these firewise resources for homeowners:

Cascadia Conservation District:

Good Neighbor Handbook:

Chelan Co. Fire District 1: