Trail Use Guidelines

Trail Use Guidelines
Volunteers work hard to maintain and steward recreation areas. It is important to care for our native wildlife and plants, and ensure the best experience possible for everyone. To protect wildlife and fragile soils, and to respect the different land ownership, use these guidelines.

  • Respect all posted and seasonal closures. 
  • Enter on foot, bicycle, or horse only—no motorized vehicles.
  • Pack it in and pack it out—leave it better than you found it.
  • Leash your dog and pack out all waste.
  • Leave wildflowers on the stem for others to enjoy and wildlife to use.
  • Give wildlife and livestock plenty of room—do not approach.
  • Respect the privacy of nearby residents and private landowners.
  • Stay on designated trails.
  • Stay off trails when they are wet and muddy.
  • Share the trail:
    • Hikers yield to horses
    • Cyclists slow down and yield to horses & hikers