Outdoor Event COVID Safety Protocol

Outdoor Event COVID Safety Protocol 

CDLT In-person Outdoor Event COVID Safety Protocol Overview:  

  • All events posted on the website will include safety expectations and protocols to be followed.  

  • All events will require pre-registration, and logistic details will be provided after registration.  

  • When applicable, volunteers will be asked to bring their own gloves and tools if they have their own. CDLT will provide necessary tools. 

Prior to the event:  

  • Participants register online, providing all contact information.  

  • Participants fill out an online liability release form (once/year required).  

  • Participants receive a confirmation email outlining safety expectations and protocols to be followed. The participants will be reminded that if they have any symptoms of any contagious illness, they should not attend the event. 

At the event:  

  • Upon arrival, the leader will give a welcoming talk, which includes any safety procedures to be followed at the event.  

  • Everyone will be asked to be mindful of their distance from others and be respectful of other people’s preferences for physical distancing. 

  • Carpooling is based on the driver’s comfort level. If carpool is using a CDLT vehicle, passengers and driver will be asked to wear a mask, and windows will be opened for increased ventilation. 

Revised February 2022