Recreate Outside Safely During COVID-19 pandemic

It’s important to continue practicing social distancing and proper hygiene even while enjoying the outdoors. Consider possible effects on vulnerable individuals as well as our healthcare system.

1.    If you're feeling at all unwell, stay home.
2.    Recreate alone, or only with people in your household. 
3.    Maintain at least a 6-foot distance from others. Be mindful of those around you—if other people are already stopped at a viewpoint, try stopping on your way back down. If the parking lot of your favorite hike looks full, move on to a different hike you’ve been meaning to try. Minimize the potential for close encounters on narrow trails.
4.    When passing another hiker either head-on or from behind, alert the other hiker. One hiker should move several feet off the trail to allow the other to pass. 
5.    Keep hands clean. Wash your hands before and after your outdoor recreation adventures. Avoid touching common surfaces, such as gates, tables, fences, or objects that other people may have touched. If touching these surfaces is unavoidable, sanitize your hands immediately afterward. 
6. STAY LOCAL.  Preferably, you should recreate directly from home. If you drive to a trailhead, do that locally as well. This limits the potential of spreading the virus to other communities or bringing it back from a place you have visited outside the Valley.