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The cover of History of the Horse Lake Area by Everett Burts, with a painting of an open forest with a dead tree in the foreground, and rolling hills and a small pond in the background.


If you've ever spent time at Horse Lake, you know it's a fascinating place. Maybe you've found yourself asking something like:

  • What's the story of these old barns?
  • I don't see a lake... Why is it called Horse Lake?
  • Who lived up here and what were their lives like?

This book, written by Dr. Everett Burts in 2013, has answers to all of these questions and more. Dr. Burts, who passed away in 2019, grew up at Horse Lake.

Thanks to his work, we are able to get a glimpse into what life was like at Horse Lake not only during his childhood, but for the families who lived there before him. He has also included information on geology, ecology, mining history, and much more. 

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