Update on Trails Opening!

Submitted on Thu, 04/04/2019 - 17:18

We took stock of trails and road conditions. Here's what you should know:

  1. Sage Hills Trail, Balsamroot, Homestead, Horse Lake Ranch Roads, Glacier View, and LOWER Apricot Crisp are all open!
  2. Day Drive Trailhead is still CLOSED; use alternate access at 5th Street or Maiden Lane.
  3. UPPER Apricot Crisp and the Fairview Ridge portion of Horse Lake Reserve are CLOSED to give our wintering mule deer herds a safe place to forage until conditions at higher elevations improve.
  4. Our new Burts Trail at Horse Lake Reserve is open for use! (see map below).
  5. Equestrian users: Apricot Crisp and Glacier View trails are closed until June 15, Balsamroot trail is closed until June 1, and Burts Trail is closed through 2019 to horse use.
  6. As always, please try to stay off the trails if they're muddy (especially if you're leaving tracks of 1/2 inch or deeper). Help us keep the trails intact and fun!
  7. Please refer to map. Thank you, everyone, for respecting the closure so we can all be good stewards of the trails and wildlife.

Please Note:  Day Drive Trailhead is closed for repair until further notice.

foothills trails extended closure map