Conservation Groups Move One Step Closer to Saving Nason Ridge for Fish, Wildlife and People

Submitted on Tue, 07/03/2018 - 16:46

Fundraising campaign now underway to ensure permanent protection of Nason Ridge Trail and the fish and wildlife of Lake Wenatchee, the Wenatchee River and Nason Creek.  
LAKE WENATCHEE, WA—Today, in a crucial next-step in the effort to conserve a forested mountainside above Lake Wenatchee and Nason Creek, Western Rivers Conservancy successfully purchased the popular Nason Ridge property from the Weyerhaeuser Company. 
The highly visible property was slated for timber harvest and includes much of the 22-mile Nason Ridge Trail, as well as cross-country ski trails and over two miles of Nason Creek, a critical salmon spawning stream and a key source of cold water for the Wenatchee River. 
“Conserving Nason Ridge will be a tremendous win for the Wenatchee River’s fish, for wildlife and for everyone who lives, visits and recreates in these mountains,” said Western Rivers Conservancy’s president, Sue Doroff. “It’s a special spot, and we’re glad we could step in and negotiate a deal with Weyerhaeuser that will allow for permanent protection of this important property.” 
The desire to conserve Nason Ridge, which spans 3,714 acres, is deeply rooted in the local community. Wenatchee-based Chelan-Douglas Land Trust has been trying to protect the property for years and is now working in partnership with WRC to raise $1 million to fund the permanent protection of the property. This crucial phase of the project is now underway.  
“We aren’t finished yet,” said Curt Soper, executive director of Chelan-Douglas Land Trust. “We have to raise $1 million in private gifts to fund permanent conservation of Nason Ridge. So we need everyone’s support.” 
WRC will own the land until it identifies a long-term steward that shares WRC’s conservation vision for the parcel. During its ownership, WRC will allow public access just as Weyerhaeuser has done for years.   

“Weyerhaeuser has been a member of the Wenatchee community for decades and we’re pleased we could work out a solution with Western Rivers Conservancy that will meet the needs of all involved,” said Scott Dahlquist, Weyerhaeuser’s senior director of real estate. 
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