Anti-clearcut group wants to buy Weyerhaeuser timberland

Submitted on Fri, 08/11/2017 - 11:54

LAKE WENATCHEE — A group of Lake Wenatchee residents concerned about clearcutting on a highly visible ridge near here has begun negotiations with Weyerhaeuser to buy the land tagged for logging.

The group of mostly property owners from Lake Wenatchee housing developments and lakeshore homes met with Weyerhaeuser execs last week to forge a deal to buy the 206-acre piece on Nason Ridge and halt a proposal to clearcut much of the land.


The Chelan-Douglas Land Trust and other regional and national conservation groups have joined with the Lake Wenatchee group in the effort to obtain and manage the land. 


“We’re actively engaged in support of efforts to buy the property,” said Curt Soper, the Land Trust’s executive director. “But we’re early in this process, and we’re figuring out our role and the next steps we need to take.”

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