Trail Open

This is a great area where you can make your trip as short or as long as you like. The main loop follows Mountain Home Road to the top of a saddle and has great views of Wedge Mountain and the Enchantments.



Protection of this property is the culmination of years of effort to protect a key piece of Wenatchee's gorgeous natural backdrop. As with some other Foothills properties, Lower Castle Rock is owned by the City of Wenatchee with a permanent conservation easement held by the Land Trust.



The Jacobson family left a permanent legacy to the Wenatchee community when it donated 35 acres of prime shrub-steppe habitat in the Wenatchee Foothills to the Land Trust.




This is a 2 mile trail with 500 feet of total elevation difference between either end, connecting to the bottom end of Apricot Crisp near the old Horse Lake bed, and also to the ranch road just above the old ranch homesteads.




Stop by and see the old barn as you travel the road used to manage the farm for many, many years.



A one mile loop perfect for introducing kids to the joy of hiking and biking.




A short gravel path to great views of the Wenatchee River Valley with interperative signs and benches at the top.



A fun 2.2 mile trail that has sweeping views up and down the Wenatchee River Valley from the river confluence and the Enchantments.



This 1,500-acre reserve represents a critical piece of protected open lands in the Wenatchee Foothills. Wildlife can move from mountains to the valley. Mule deer will always find a winter haven here. People can hike or bike for miles on trails that start right out the city’s back door.


A rolling 2 mile trail that traverses the northern portion of the lower Foothills, connecting the end of Maiden Lane to the bottom of Horse Lake Road.