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Iguanas in the Snow and Other Winter Poems | Francisco X. Alarcón | Bilingual (Eng & Span) | Own Voices

These poems celebrate winter in San Francisco and the mountains of Northern California.

A Magical Do-Nothing Day / Un gran día de nada | Beatrice Alemagna | Eng & Span Versions

Sent outside by their mother on a rainy day, a child is dismayed when their handheld game falls into the pond before they encounter giant snails, wet mushrooms, and other elements that awaken them to the sensory aspects of nature.

Un niño llega con su madre a la misma casa de vacaciones de un lugar solitario y aparentemente sin atractivos al que van cada año. ¿Qué puede hacer allí, solo, aburrido, mientras su madre trabaja? Pero aquella tarde, después de perder su máquina de matar marcianos, se adentra en el bosque, donde descubrirá un mundo maravilloso.

Fuego, fuegito / Fire, Little Fire | Jorge Argueta | Trilingual (English, Spanish & Nahuat) | Own Voices 

Describes--in Spanish, English, and Nahuat--the characteristics of fire from the perspective of one little spark.

Agua, Aguita / Water, Little Water | Jorge Argueta | Bilingual (End & Span) | Own Voices 

Describes--in English, Spanish, and Nahuat--the life cycle of water from the perspective of one drop.

Galapagos Girl / Galapagueña | Marsha Diane Arnold, illus. by Angela Dominguez | Bilingual (End & Span)

A bilingual story, inspired by the childhood of Valentina Cruz, whose family was one of the first permanent inhabitants of the Galapagos islands. Valentina makes a promise to protect the islands and her animal friends

Splash, Anna Hibiscus | Atinuke, Illustrated by Lauren Tobia | Eng | Own Voices

The irrepressible Anna is back in her seventh outing, but this time for a day at the beach with her extended family. Anna asks and asks, but everyone is too busy to splash in the waves with the little girl. Finally, there is no one left to ask. "There are only the waves jumping and splashing. They want to splash with somebody, too." Anna and the waves splash, jump, and play until her infectious laughter reaches her parents, aunties, uncle, cousins, and grandparents, who cannot resist jumping in the water. 

Kaia and the Bees / Kaia y las abejas | Maribeth Boelts, illus. by Angela Dominguez | English & Spanish versions

Kaia is the brave type. Like hottest-hot-pepper brave. But there is one thing that scares her: BEES! And right now, thousands of bees live on her roof because Kaia's dad is a beekeeper. But only he goes on the roof, not Kaia--unless she can find a way to be the brave girl she always says she is.

Where's Rodney? | Carmen Bogan, illustrated by Floyd Cooper | Eng | Own Voices 

Rodney was inside, but always wanted to be outside. His class takes a field trip to the park.

One Small Place in a Tree | Barbara Brenner, illus. by Tom Leonard | Eng

A child visitor observes as one tiny scratch in a tree develops into a home for a variety of woodland animals over many years, even after the tree has fallen.

Mariposas en la called Carmen / Butterflies on Carmen Street | Monica Brown | Bilingual (Eng & Span) | Own Voices 

While she and her classmates wait for the caterpillars they are raising to be transformed into Monarch butterflies, Julianita's grandfather tells her about the annual migration of these butterflies to his hometown in Mexico.

Redwoods | Jason Chin | Eng | Own Voices 

A young city boy, riding the subway, finds an abandoned book about redwoods. He finds himself in the very forest described in the book. After finishing the book, he leaves it for someone else to read.

Chirri & Chirra | Kaya Doi | Eng | Own Voices 

While bicycling through the forest, two young girls visit a cafe for tea and coffee, stop for a snack at a bakery, and stay at a hotel where they join in a concert with forest animals.

Rockie's Sagebrush Adventure | Jacelyn Downey & Zachariah Hutchinson | Eng 

This illustrated book follows a Burrowing Owl and her friends as they discover what life in the sagebrush is all about. 

Du Iz Tak? | Carson Ellis | Eng (written in an invented language)

Readers are invited to imagine the dramatic possibilities to be found in the natural world, even the humblest back garden! With exquisitely-detailed illustration that will appeal to children and art-lovers alike, and a wonderfully playful invented language, we soon find ourselves speaking "Bug" ... Du iz tak? What is that?

Summer Birds | Margarita Engle | Eng | Own Voices 

The story of a young girl living in the 17th century who took the time to observe the life cycle of butteflies--and in so doing disproved a theory that went all the way back to ancient Greece.

The Hike | Alison Farrell | Eng

Three friends set out on a day hike to explore their local forest, intending to climb to the top of the hill, where they will plant a flag, read a poem, and release feathers into the wind.

Birdsong | Julie Flatt | Engs | Own Voices 

When a young girl moves from the country to a small town, she feels lonely and out of place. But soon she meets an elderly woman next door, who shares her love of nature and art. As the seasons change, can the girl navigate the failing health of her new friend?

The Golden Glow | Benjamin Flouw | Eng

When Fox discovers that there is no description for the golden plant, he sets out to find out for himself.

Fire! | Celia Godki | Eng

The life cycle of a forest is examined, from the devastation of a fire to its gradual renewal as a vital ecosystem.

Mis Colores, Mi Mundo / My Colors, My WorldMaya Christina Gonzalez | Bilingual (Eng & Span) | Own Voices

Maya, who lives in the dusty desert, opens her eyes wide to find the colors in her world, from Papi's black hair and Mami's orange and purple flowers to Maya's red swing set and the fiery pink sunset.

Call Me Tree/ Llámame árbol  | Maya Christina Gonzalez | Bilingual (End & Span) | Own Voices 

A bilingual poetic tale that follows one child/tree from the depths of Mami/Earth to the heights of the sky, telling a story about being free to grow and be who we are meant to be and honoring our relationship with the natural world.

Yo se que el rio me ama / I Know the River Loves Me | Maya Christina Gonzalez | Bilingual (Eng & Span) | Own Voices 

A girl expresses her love of the river that she visits, plays in, and cares for throughout the year.

All Around Us / Por nuestro alrededor | Xelena Gonzalez | Eng & Spanish versions | Own Voices 

Finding circles everywhere, a grandfather and his granddaughter meditate on the cycles of life and nature. (English version can be found on the Jacobson Trail as this season's StoryWalk hike.)

Señorita Mariposa | Ben Gundersheimer (Mister G), illus. by Marcos Almada Rivero | Bilingual (Eng & Span) 

Illustrations and easy-to-read text in English and Spanish follow monarch butterflies on their journey from Canada to Mexico. Includes author's note on how to help protect monarch butterflies.

Here We Are | Oliver Jeffers | Eng & Span Versions

In this salutation from Earth, the chronicler gives a tour of the planet and introduces those who call it home.

This Moose Belongs to Me | Oliver Jeffers | Eng

A young boy learns that moose do not always follow the rules of proper pet behavior.

The Snowy Day / El dia de nieve | Ezra Jack Keats | Eng & Span Versions 

The adventures of a little boy in the city on a very snowy day.

The Thing About Bees: A Love Letter | Shabazz Larkin | Eng | Own Voices 

A love poem from a father to his two sons, and a tribute to the bees that pollinate the foods we love to eat.

We Are Water Protectors | Carole Lindstrom, illus. by Michaela Goade  | Eng | Own Voices 

Water is the first medicine. It affects and connects us all... When a black snake threatens to destroy the Earth and poison her people's water, one young water protector takes a stand to defend Earth's most sacred resource. Inspired by the many indigenous-led movements across North America, this bold and lyrical picture book issues an urgent rallying cry to safeguard the Earth's water from harm and corruption.

The Perfect Siesta / La siesta perfecta | Pato Mena | English & Spanish versions | Own Voices 

Sleepy jungle animals prepare for naptime on a hot afternoon.

Over & Under the Pond | Kate Messner | Eng

A secret underwater world brought to life: In this book, readers will discover the plants and animals that make up the rich, interconnected ecosystem of a mountain pond. 

Over & Under the Snow | Kate Messner | Eng

Over the snow, the world is hushed and white, but under the snow is a secret world of squirrels and snowshoe hares, bears and bullfrogs, and many others who live outside in the woods during the winter.

The Desert is My Mother / El Desierto Es Mi Madre | Pat Mora | Bilingual (Eng & Span) | Own Voices 

A poetic depiction of the desert as the provider of comfort, food, spirit, and life.

Yum! ¡Mmmm! ¡Qué Rico!: Americas’ Sproutings | Pat Mora | Bilingual (End & Span) | Own Voices 

From blueberries to vanilla, indigenous foods of the Americas are celebrated in this bilingual collection of haiku, which also includes information about each food's origins.

Little Night / Nochecita | Yuyi Morales | Bilingual (Eng & Span) | Own Voices 

At the end of a long day, Mother Sky helps her playful daughter, LIttle Night, to get ready for bed.

We Are Brothers | Yves Nadon, illus. by Jean Claverie | Eng 

With his big brother's support, a young boy finds the courage to jump off the big rock at the lake.

Hike | Peter Oswald | Wordless | Own Voices 

A father and child head out on a hike, keeping a cherished family tradition alive.

First Snow | Bomi Pak | Eng | Own Voices

Follows a young girl's adventures, including rolling a snowman and making snow angels, as she explores the wonder of snow.

The Charcoal Forest | Beth A. Paluso | Eng

You might think a burned area is as barren and lifeless as the moon. Take a closer look and you'll find that even before the last wisps of smoke have cleared, the newly burned forest is already teeming with life. Come explore the Rocky Mountains and the new habitats fires create.

Water Is Water | Miranda Paul | Eng 

A spare, poetic picture book exploring the different phases of the water cycle in surprising and engaging ways.

A Different Pond | Bao Phi, illus by Thi Bui | Eng | Own Voices 

As a young boy, Bao and his father awoke early, hours before his father's long workday began, to fish on the shores of a small pond in Minneapolis. Unlike many other anglers, Bao and his father fished for food, not recreation. A successful catch meant a fed family. Between hope-filled casts, Bao's father told him about a different pond in their homeland of Vietnam.

Napi / NapiAntonio Ramírez, illus. by Domi | English & Spanish versions | Own Voices 

A Mazateca girl who lives beside a river in Oaxaca describes her home and village at different times of the day. When the night comes and she dreams, she is a heron flying over her village observing the people and a beloved tree.

Join the No Plastics Challenge! A First Book of Reducing Waste | Scot Richie | Eng

In the seventh book in the Exploring Our Community series, the five friends learn all about how to reduce plastic pollution. It's Nick's birthday, and he wants to celebrate by challenging his friends to a No Plastics Day. While going a whole day without using single-use plastic, the five friends learn about how much plastic surrounds us in our daily lives; the garbage patch gyres in the oceans; plastic in our food chain; what plastic is made of (science page); changes we can make to use less plastic; and alternatives to single-use plastics. The book concludes with fun ideas for a No Plastic Challenge.

You Matter | Christian Robinson | Eng | Own Voices 

Illustrations and easy-to-read text remind the reader that no matter what happens or how one feels, he or she matters.

Hiking Day | Anne Rockwell | Eng

A little girl and her family go hiking up a nearby mountain for the very first time.

Hello Winter! | Shelley Rotner | Eng 

The basic facts about the season of Winter including how plants, animals, and the climate change and adapt are included in this photo essay introduction to Winter.

Hello Ocean / Hola Mar Pam Muñoz Ryan, illus. by Mark Astrella | Bilingual (Eng & Span) | Own Voices 

Using rhyming text, a child describes the wonder of the ocean experienced through each of her five senses.

Trout Are Made of Trees | April Pulley Sayre, illus. by Kate Endle  | Eng

Leaves and bacteria, insects and fish, bears and people, too--we're all part of one big circle of growing and eating and living

My Heart Fills With Happiness / Mi corazón se llena de alegríaMonique Gray Smith, illus. by Julie Flett | English & Spanish versions | Own Voices 

Invites young readers to reflect on what makes them happy.

We are grateful: otsaliheliga | Tracy Sorrell | Eng (Includes Cherokee) | Own Voices 

Otsaliheliga is a Cherokee word that is used to express gratitude. Journey through the year with a Cherokee family and their tribal nation as they express thanks for celebrations big and small. A look at modern Native American life as told by a citizen of the Cherokee Nation.

Outside In | Deborah Underwood | Eng

Illustrations and easy-to-read text reveal ways nature affects our everyday lives, such as providing food and clothing, and showing when to go to bed and when to get up.

S Is for Salmon: A Pacific Northwest Alphabet | Hannah Viano | Eng 

C is for Crab; E is for Eagle, etc. Based on Pacific Northwest artist Hannah Viano's regionally themed paper-cut art, this lovely children's book sheds a new light on the ABCs that will appeal to young and old alike.

SkySisters | Jan Bourdeau Waboose | Eng | Own Voices

Two Ojibway sisters trek across the frozen north country to see the SkySpirits, the Northern Lights.

A Stone Sat Still | Brendan Wenzel | Eng 

Told in rhyming verse, a stone is considered from a variety of environmental and emotional perspectives, as it sits where it is, surrounded by grass, dirt, and water, an unchanging certainty in the world.

A Map into the World | Kao Kalia Yang, illus. by Seo Kim | Eng | Own Voices

Paj Ntaub, a young Hmong American girl, spends a busy year with her family in their new home, and seeks a way to share the beauty of the world with a grieving neighbor.

Who Likes Rain? | Wong Herbert Yee | Eng | Own Voices 

As a young girl splashes in the rain, she plays a guessing game with the reader about other living things that enjoy a cloudburst.


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