Horse Riding

Horse Riding

This trail is in the upper elevations of the Horse Lake Reserve and meanders through some wonderful wildflower patches, big fir trees, viewpoints of the Cascade Mountains, and birding territory. The trail can be reached by following the Old Ranch Road from the gate, or by taking Homestead Trail to where it connects to the Old Ranch Road.

Stop by and see the old barn as you travel the road used to manage the farm for many, many years.



A fun 2.2 mile trail that has sweeping views up and down the Wenatchee River Valley from the river confluence and the Enchantments.



This 1,700-acre reserve represents a critical piece of protected open lands in the Wenatchee Foothills. Wildlife can move from the mountains to the valley. Mule deer will always find a winter haven here.

Working together, we accomplished the 100-year community goal of acquiring and protecting Saddle Rock forever.

In recent years, development has threatened or eliminated access to areas in the foothills that local people have enjoyed for decades. The Chelan-Douglas Land Trust stepped forward to implement the community’s goal to protect the habitat, vistas, and public access that define the western edge of Wenatchee.

Hikers, runners, and bikers in the Wenatchee Valley have long known that the foothills provide amazing recreation and scenery. But in 2001, development threatened access to this local resource.

Broadview Canyon's 52 undeveloped acres sit at the edge of the Wenatchee Foothills. The land, which will be added to Wenatchee’s permanently protected open space, is a key access point to pristine lands and outdoor recreation. This project is a key piece of the Land Trust's work to systematically preserve key lands along the foothills.