Tall Timber Ranch

Tall Timber Ranch

In fall 2010 Tall Timber Ranch finalized a conservation easement to preserve critical habitat on 40 acres along White and Napeequa rivers.

I was excited about the idea of a conservation easement because I felt it would assure that the current values we held for protecting the natural, scenic and sensitive habitat along the river front of the property would be formalized by our Board, and carry on into the future long after all of us were no longer involved and it would assure that no future group managing the property would decide to sell off the valuable riverfront to raise money.  It is a legacy of security for the camp as a camp, for the future.  It provides us a financial settlement that will help us accomplish our goals, while allowing us to keep the land in our ownership and specify the uses we want to continue for it.  A great win-win for both sides.

It gives me  great peace of mind to know that, regardless of what may happen to Tall Timber in the distant future, the unique beauty and value of these pristine mountain rivers will be preserved for fish and wildlife to live in and humans to experience and enjoy.  As a conviction of my Christian faith, I believe we are never owners, but stewards of God’s world and the piece we may inhabit for a time.  The concept of the Land Trust is, to me, very consistent with this belief.

Chelan Douglas Land Trust was wonderful to work with throughout this process.  They were gracious and patient with us as we worked through all the details of our easement, and all the steps, as a church non-profit, that we had to go through for approval.  We are grateful that they will be a partner for us in the future, to help us manage the valuable resource of our easement.  The Wenatchee area is fortunate to have the Chelan Douglas Land Trust working on behalf of our community!

-Tall Timber Ranch is a non-profit under the management of the Presbytery of Central Washington, offering camp programs for youth, adults and families.

Becky Fishburn