Citizen Science

Citizen Science Projects are collaborations between scientists and volunteers that expand opportunities for scientific data collection and help answer real-world questions. Stewardship Director, Neal Hedges, welcomes volunteers to join one of several CDLT project teams. Staff will provided needed training for a variety of tasks and volunteers to not have to a science background to participate.

Get Involved! Weekday projects for 2017 include:

  • Monthly bird surveys at Horse Lake Reserve, to learn about bird use across a variety of habitats, including areas burned in 2015 wildfire.
  • Monthly bird surveys at Mountain Home Preserve, prior to the thinning project that will restore a pre-settlement open ponderosa-pine forest.
  • Late spring plant surveys at Horse Lake Reserve in restored former wheat fields that were treated with a cheatgrass inhibiting bacteria in December, 2016.
  • Late spring plant surveys along the Balsamroot Trail in areas burned by the 2015 wildlife, to monitoring an area re-planted with shrubs.
  • Take repeat photographs on several Wenatchee Foothills properties that experienced recent wildfire. This can be done anytime!
  • Be a Weed Warrior! Learn to identify several new weed species invading the Wenatchee Foothills and report spottings to the Land Trust so action can be taken to stop the spread. 


To learn more, contact Conservation Fellow, Susan Ballinger at