About the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust

A Local Organization Preserving the Best of Chelan and Douglas Counties

The Chelan-Douglas Land Trust works with local organizations, businesses, and individuals to protect what we all hold dear: beautiful natural areas, a strong economy, clean air and water, abundant wildlife, and the freedom to enjoy it all. Our support comes from members—people like you who care about our community and preserving our natural heritage.

We started in 1985 as a volunteer organization made up of Wenatchee Valley residents with a vision of a healthy and prosperous future for Chelan and Douglas Counties. Since then we’ve grown to over 1,600 members committed to preserving our natural areas. Learn more about becoming a member.

Voluntary, Respectful, and Effective: An Approach That Works

As a local community organization, we believe collaboration and respect are the only ways to accomplish our mission. The Wenatchee Valley is home to many different interest groups, but all of them want to preserve the rural and natural areas that make North Central Washington extraordinary. That’s why our success is built on partnerships: Groups such as the Wenatchee Sportsmen and the Realtor’s Association, along with local businesses and private landowners, have helped us preserve thousands of acres in ways that benefit the entire community and protect the character of this region.

A History of Success

Horse Lake Reserve

A 1,500-acre reserve that represents a critical piece of protected open lands in the Wenatchee Foothills for wildlife habitat and recreational access.

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Foothills Trail

Working with private citizens and government agencies, CDLT is helping build trails and preserve access to thousands of acres on the doorstep of the City of Wenatcheebut there’s more work to be done.

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Apple Capital Loop Trail

One of the most popular recreational areas in the Wenatchee Valley, CDLT advocated for this trail on the west side of the Columbia, to connect with the trails and parks on the east side of the river.

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Peshastin Pinnacles Park

This popular rock climbing destination was closed to the public in 1986 due to liability concerns. CDLT brought together the involved parties to negotiate a sale, ensuring a unique public park for all to enjoy.

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White River

The White River is the most productive and natural river in our region. Starting in the Glacier Peak Wilderness, the White winds its way through forests and floodplain until it reaches Lake Wenatchee.

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Saddle Rock

Working together, we accomplished the 100-year community goal of acquiring and protecting Saddle Rock forever.

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