Kids & Nature Connections Column

Each month, Hillary Schwirtlich, our Membership & Education Coordinator, writes a column in the Wenatchee World about fun, cheap and easy ways to explore nature with your kids. The column usually include a little bit of background information about that month's theme, followed by two-three hands on activities about that theme. Check back monthly for more ideas!

You will need a Wenatchee World subscription to view these articles, but many are available on the Wenatchee Moms Blog at no cost. 

January 2017: Ice can be a nice learning experience for kids

December 2016: Gather the kids for some twiggy fun

November 2016: Fun with fungi

October 2016: Spooky October fun with spiders

July 2016: Trees, please! Summer projects for kids

June 2016: Go with the flow (rivers)

May 2016: Let it grow (growing vegetables with kids)

April 2016: Celebrating springtime

March 2016: Using all the senses

February 2016: For the birds - and the kids!

January 2016: Guided winter activities for families

December 2015: Winter activites with snow or without

November 2015: Nighttime activities

September 2015: Introduction and Bugs!