Spider Meadows

In 1994 it came to public attention that 320 acres of land in and adjacent to the Glacier Peak Wilderness were planned for logging followed by housing development. The parcels were located along the very popular hiking trail to Spider Meadow at the head of the Chiwawa valley, near Lake Wenatchee. Working with the Trust for Public  Land, the CDLT took the lead in raising money to purchase the land and ensure continued public access to the trail and the meadow. Thanks to the efforts of a consortium of private donors and conservation groups, the Trust For Public Land was able to purchase the property and hold it until the United States Forest Service could acquire it. In February 1997 the Forest Service purchased the parcels, and they became part of the Glacier Peak Wilderness area, preserved and protected for all time for the benefit of all.

Project Quickfacts

Year Protected: 
Property Name: 
Spider Meadows
Public-U.S. Forest Service
Public Access: 
Conservation Values: 
Recreation, Old Growth Forest, Wildlife Habitat
Funding Partner: 
Trust for Public Land, U.S. Forest Service

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Spider Meadows is a very popular hiking location with great views at the end.

For more information, visit the Forest Service webpage about Spider Meadows.