Kenzie's Landing Trailhead construction

Temporary inconvenience for a major gain!

Contractors working for the City of Wenatchee have been working on the construction of the Kenzie’s Landing Trailhead. This new trailhead will be located past the end of Maiden Lane and will provide improved access to the northern Sage Hills trail system. The construction process involves grading and construction of the trailhead itself and the construction of an access road from the end of the pavement on Maiden Lane to the new trailhead.

Trail users should be aware that segments of the Balsamroot Trail and the Maiden Lane Connector, as well as all public access from Maiden Lane, will be closed during the construction period over the next few months. Balsamroot Trail will still be accessible, but users should note they will NOT be able to connect through to the Sage Hills trails through the south end of Balsamroot Trail.

See the map below for more closure information.