Annual Fall Campaign

If you agree that we should care for our precious land and water, please make a gift to the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust this fallDonate Now button

When you do, you can rest easy that our rivers, lakes and streams will always be protected – for you, but also for the future.

For kids like Elliot and Juliahna.

Every fall, Elliot and Juliahna wait – not-so-patiently. Every few days, they drag their parents down to the White River above Lake Wenatchee to peer into the water and ask, “Are they here yet?”

Then, finally, a flash of red: “There’s one!” The salmon are back.

And each year, the family counts off the incredible challenges this animal faced to get here. The ocean journey thousands of miles long, the predators waiting to make it a tasty meal. The changing rivers, the cities, the fish ladders.

It did all of this just to come here. Home. To our rivers and streams in North Central Washington.

That’s where you come in.

Once that salmon gets here, it can’t survive without cold, clear water and a healthy river. You can’t have a healthy river without healthy land along that river, with plenty of trees and plants to clean the water and provide shade.

That healthy land – and our water – is at risk.

It needs your support to ensure that it will always be protected and cared for, so that kids like Elliot and Juliahna will never return to an empty river.

And if you give to the Annual Campaign by December 31your gift will be doubled, up to $103,000, thanks to a generous match of $50,000 by the Icicle Fund and $53,000 from the Land Trust Board of Directors and Leadership Circle members Terry & Suzanne Sorom and Tina & Eliot Scull.

That means your gift of $50 becomes $100, $100 becomes $200, $250 becomes $500, $500 becomes $1,000!

It’s not just family traditions – and salmon – that rely on your support. They’re only one way that healthy land and water sustains us here.

In the coming year, your gift will support over a dozen new projects where people and wildlife can thrive, including:

  • Preserving Douglas County habitat with one of only two remaining greater sage-grouse populations left in Washington State.
  • Improving the health of the forest on Mountain Home Ridge above Leavenworth through a thinning project based on the latest research, which will reduce the severity of future wildfires.
  • Buying and restoring land along our rivers, lakes and streams in the Entiat, Nason Creek and Wenatchee River valleys.
  • Working to improve access to places to hike, bike and explore along the Wenatchee River, at Cashmere Canyons, at Horse Lake Reserve, and more.

All of this can’t get done without your help.

Thank you so much for caring about our local lands and waters – about our rivers, and salmon, and forests, and trails, and future generations – enough to make a generous gift this holiday season.

Your gift will truly make the difference for this place. 

Please make a gift today

Dennis Garrity memorial bench at Horse Lake Reserve
Stunning views of Horse Lake Reserve
White River
White River- clean, clear water for fish and people.
Kids outside
Kids exploring nature along the Entiat River.