Horan Natural Area Bird Walks w/NCW Audubon Society's Friends of Horan


North Central WA Audubon Society's  Friends of Horan invites you to come on informal monthly bird walks to explore the Horan Natural Area.  
Outings will be on the 3rd Wednesday of the month and led by Wenatchee Naturalist, Susan Ballinger.  She will record bird sightings and enter them into the community science eBird database. 
We will meet at the north parking lot at Walla Walla Park, next to the restrooms, and spend about 30 minutes in the park, and then walk the 2-mile round trip loop within Horan Natural Area, returning about 10am.  

The Friends of Horan is dedicated to gathering and sharing information about the Horan area to increase public awareness about the area. These bird walks will immerse you in the beauty of the Horan Natural Area and provide an opportunity to learn about the area's history and the potential for future ecological improvements and use.

Participants are welcome to come for all or part of any walk - join at the start and depart early if you need/want to.  No RSVP needed.  We will not cancel due to weather conditions.  Contact Susan to learn more ([email protected]).