Grass ID and Weed Removal Workshop

8 - 10 am

Join us at Horse Lake Reserve for common invasive and native grass identification, followed by hand-pulling invasive weeds around our restoration grass seedlings. There's lots to learn, and our native basin wildrye, Idaho fescue and bluebunch wheatgrass need your help to survive! All of our identification characteristics will be macro, but you're welcome to bring a hand lens or magnifying glass if you want to get a closer look. Species include jointed goat-grass, annual rye, intermediate wheatgrass, cheatgrass, japanese brome, bulbous bluegrass, the native grasses listed above, and if there's interest, there's plenty of other plants to learn on site. We'll talk about plant characteristics, growth habits, methods of control, etc. Feel free to come with questions and a strong sense of weed-killing ambition. 

This work will be light to moderate (it will be up to you!), includes 0.5 miles of walking to the site, and 100 feet elevation gain, bending and pulling, and is safe and fun for all ages!

Thank you in advance for being as tenacious in your support of restoration as the weeds are in growing.

Please RSVP by filling out the form below so we can get an accurate headcount and provide you with details for the work party. Questions? Please contact Olivia Schilling, CDLT Botanist at [email protected]

*All work parties are weather and conditions dependent. Canceled work parties will be rescheduled if possible.