A Galapagos and Ecuador Natural History Photo Travelogue

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6:00 pm

Take a break from winter and join wildlife ecologist and photographer, John Winnie Jr., Ph.d., for an hour of exotic birds, wildlife, and wild places.  We'll take a virtual natural history tour of Galapagos National Park above and below the water, then we'll head up into Ecuador's Andean Highlands, a region known worldwide for its incredible birding and bird photography opportunities.  

John Winnie Jr., Ph.d., is a conservation ecologist professor in the Ecology Department at Montana State University in Bozeman. In the summer he leads photo/birding tours in the Galapagos and Andean Highlands of Ecuador. Using his exquisite close-up photos of wildlife, he will talk about Ecuador natural history in general, his own personal experiences, and offer bits about each species. To see some of his work, please visit his website at: http://www.johnwinniejr.com