Environmental Film & Lecture Series: Rock Island Rapids of the Columbia

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Rock Island Rapids was one of the great fisheries of the Columbia – a place of deafening sound that shook you to the bone. To native peoples, the island was and remains holy, made sacred by generations of ancestors who traveled across the river’s swift channels to seek life-altering visions. 

Join William Layman and Randy Lewis to watch Rock Island re-emerge before your eyes, through Layman’s use of photographs, maps and narratives that allow viewers to walk the island’s contours and see its many petroglyphs and other interesting island features. Lewis’ commentary will shed light on how Native Americans knew the island and how they regard it presently. 

This event is part of the Wenatchee Valley Environmental Film & Lecture Series. All films are presented at the Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center. They are free (with a suggested donation of $5) and open to all. Invite your friends!