Environmental Film & Lecture Series: The Epic Journey of Miss Veedol

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This film documents the 1931 record-breaking Transpacific flight of the Miss Veedol. Piloted by Clyde Pangborn and co-piloted by Hugh Herndon, Jr.; the Bellanca aircraft became the first airplane to fly nonstop across the northern Pacific Ocean. The 41-hour flight from Sabishiro Beach in Japan to a landing strip in East Wenatchee won Pangborn and Herndon the Harmon Trophy, symbolizing the greatest achievement in flight for that year.
Using modern footage combined with historic clips, Voortex Productions has updated the story of an amazing aeronautical feat that has become part of Wenatchee Valley legend.

This event is part of the Wenatchee Valley Environmental Film & Lecture Series. All films are presented at the Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center. They are free (with a suggested donation of $5) and open to all. Invite your friends!