CANCELED DUE TO WEATHER:Sagebrush Seed Collecting


sagebrush seed headCDLT needs big sagebrush seed for restoration work at Spiva Butte Nature Preserve in Douglas County, which recently burned. If you would like to help out, check out the 2 options below:


FULL: Option #1 Land Trust Work Party (registration required)

CDLT staff and volunteers will collect seeds on CDLT property in the Wenatchee Foothills, walking cross country on uneven ground. Volunteers will use garden clippers to cut seed heads from big sagebrush and put them into a paper bag. There are four work parties from 9 am -NOON on four dates:

  • Sat., November 21
  • Sun., November 22
  • Mon., November 23
  • Mon., November 30


Option #2 Independent Collection (no registration needed)

CDLT invites you to take a family/friend/solitary hike to collect big sagebrush seeds between Nov. 21-29, 2020. Maybe a Thanksgiving Holiday outing! Gather seeds on Wenatchee Foothills property owned by the Land Trust - either Jacobson Preserve or Horse Lake Reserve (IF road conditions allow access).

Use a pair of garden clippers to snip the stem below the seed heads. Put the seedheads into a paper bag (breathable, so seeds don't spoil). Big sagebrush info here.

*Please follow these guidelines:

  1. Practice responsible harvest and take no more than 50% of the seed heads from any one plant.
  2. This is one time when it is ok to leave the trail and walk cross-country in order to collect the seeds.
  3. Leave your paper bag full of seeds on the porch at 2009 Skyline Drive, Wenatchee.

NOTE: If you have property or know a friend with sagebrush property, you can collect there also - HOWEVER, IT IS ESSENTIAL TO HAVE THE LANDOWNER PERMISSION TO COLLECT!

Questions? email Susan Ballinger at [email protected]